About Us

About Us:

Inara Diamonds is a subsidiary of SK Jewel INC which is a second generation family business established in 1977 for wholesale Jewelry and in 2006 for retail jewelry direct to consumer. Inara's founder learned his craft in Surat, India; Worlds Hub of diamond manufacturing. Today, Inara Diamonds is one of worlds best-known jewelry manufacturer with thousands of units sold. We offer a full range of gold and platinum rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants. 

-Inara Diamonds has built its reputation on four pillars of strength: Style, Quality, Innovation and Price.


We believe jewelry is first and foremost a fashion item. A woman’s personal style is influenced by current fashion trends and it is of paramount importance for leaders in the jewelry industry to stay abreast of those trends. Inara Diamonds prides itself in its ability to translate the latest expressions of style combined with good design principles into its jewelry collections. At the same time, we have established what has become known as a unique American style incorporating the best of European and American design to create a distinctive look that stands on its own merit.


Inara Diamonds is a testament to our continuing and unwavering commitment to quality. In all aspects of our business, quality control is a continuous focus. Ultimately, it is our customers who dictate the level of our workmanship and whose ongoing input and feedback we value most.


In every function within our company we strive to lead and to adopt the best practices in the industry. We continuously develop and innovate through our own investment, giving our employees the tools and the training that will enable them to share in the company’s success. Ultimately, our people determine our ability to succeed.

Price, why is it so low and affordable?

Inara Diamonds consistently offers an extensive selection of fine quality jewelry at prices that represent exceptional value. This is because Inara Diamonds overlooks all aspect of diamond from rough to finish jewelry. With technological advancement utilization, we have reduced our cost of making jewelry by 20-40% which in turn benefits our customers.  We have always strived to beat our competition at every stage and have successfully done so.

We are a premier company because we constantly and continuously strive to improve our product and our processes. We achieve our objectives by investing in our people, our processes and our technology. At a time when America is quickly emerging as a world leader in the supply of diamonds, Inara Diamonds is positioned to participate this ascent by offering the best of what America has – quality, consistency and reliability.