Warranty Information

What repairs and services are covered?

For basic 90 days warranty, you have the option to send the ring back to us for repairs from the date of delivery. This includes parts and labor necessary to fix the problems which may occur during the normal usage. Repairs will cover all inspections, defects in materials, consistent with the replacement and/or repair of broken chains, repair to worn or broken prongs, repair of broken earring posts and/or other similar repairs.

After the 90 days, you have the option to ship back the jewelry once a year for lifetime for inspections, cleaning, and polishing to restore the natural look of your item. Minor scratches that have occurred during normal wear and tear will be removed in this process as well as re-tightening the prongs to ensure integrity of the item.

What is covered under your extended warranty?

Warranty covers accidental damage and excessive or abusive treatment. Warranty Covers damage resulting to the jewelry from loss, stones under 1/10 Carat. Stones over 1/10 Carat will be charged at reduced rates.

What is not covered under all warranties?

Warranty is voided on the Jewelry that has been reset, resized and/or if labor has been performed on the item by another jeweler. Warranty does not cover lost or stolen, act of god, diamonds of the size over 1/10ct. (for extended warranty, replacement stones will be at reduced cost). 

Shipping charges are not covered under the warranty. You will be liable for all shipping charges and insurance to our repair center.